Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Do what you can do punish Ronaldo (the cheat not the fat one)

Ronaldo bashing is in the air. There's a sense of hope and desire that Ronaldo will get what's coming to him tonight (the cheat not the fat one, who will in all likelihood have a burger coming to him). Nothing major just something like decapitation, chinese water torture or a laxative in his lucozade. Anyway, on to something worthwhile. A colleague from a seedy, underground organisation sent me the following campaign.

Christiano Ronaldo is winning the race for FIFA young player of the World Cup - We cant let him win it [cos he's a cheating girl - Barry Beef] Please take 30 seconds of time to go on this website and vote for Valencia of Ecuador who is currently second. Then take 30 seconds to send it on to everyone you know.


Vote Valencia.

Yeah, that other underground organisation The Sun is mounting a similar campaign today to stop Cristiano Ronaldo winning.

They suggest everyone votes for Wayne Rooney as best young player.

Now if it had been Young Player Most Likely to Get Sent Off, he would have had a chance.
My source is not from the Sun. Far more sinister than that
Did you know that if you drink enough Lucozade that it acts as a laxative anyway ?
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