Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ever get the feeling this may not be your season?

With England knocked out of the World Cup, it became apparent that my time of fervently supporting a good team (even if playing crap) had come to an end and that it was time to return to following Sheffield Wednesday.
So conceive of my delight, when I read that striker Marcus Tudgay, new signing Wade Small and promising central defender Richard Wood are all already crocked. Tudgay managed to get injured at a family barbecue when he stubbed his toe on a glass, cutting it and sustaining tendon damage.
That must surely enter the pantheon of stupid injuries up there with the following:

Richard Wright, was warming up in the goalmouth in preparation for an FA Cup tie against Chelsea for his next club Everton, when he twisted his ankle. He did it landing on a wooden sign instructing people not to practise there.

Allan Nielsen (then of Spurs, latterly of Watford) missed several matches after his daughter poked him in the eye.

Former Sheffield Wednesday striker Andy Booth once pulled his groin during a pre-match one minute silence.

To prove stupid injuries are not just a modern phenomenon Alan Mullery missed England's 1964 tour of South America after putting his back out while brushing his teeth.

In 1993 keeper Dave Beasant was kept out by a foot injury caused by a falling jar of salad cream. Yes, he fumbled it, and because his hands were full he stuck out a foot to stop it hitting the floor!

David Batty's return from an Achilles tendon injury was put back when he was run over by his toddler on a tricycle.

My all-time favourite was not football related but rather laid low one of the all-time crap England cricketers, Derek Pringle. Seriously, even playing for my beloved Essex could not stop this most dull of players from sucking massively. Anyway Pringle missed a Test match having strained his back 'writing a letter'.

At least the Owls have a few players. The Mighty Greens of Plymouth Argyle have fewer strikers than England - just one on our books and he's got an achilles injury!
The true version of the Derek Pringle letter writing story can be found as the second item on:
- and anyway, I always thought that Derek Pringle was actually an asset to Essex - he was certainly trusted & valued by Gooch!
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