Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm looking forward to Christmas already

Repeats of the Two Ronnies, in particular the Phantom Raspberry Blower, the Great Escape, Bond on Christmas Day afternoon and some tragedy befalling an unexpecting dullard in Walford. Apart from this year as ashen-faced, acid-tonuged, Tory-voting, old battle axe Pauline Fowler is to be axed - leaving Ian Beale as the only ever-present character (Dot got a couple of years off for good behaviour). Excellent news. Will anyone miss her snearing, her cardigans or that stupid bloody dog, Betty?
I love Eastenders and unashamedly admit it. Pauline Fowler, however, I do not like. Apart from when she hit ARFUR over the head with a frying pan and, once, cleaned all of her brick-work in the pitch black of a Friday night (courtesy of Harry Hill). Sure we'll miss her deriding Sonia as a 'filthy little Jackson' and will she take Joe - the Mr Benn sound-a-like - with her? I am hoping for a particularly savage ending. Something like cannibalism or sold into slavery by Big Mo. Something believable.

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