Monday, July 10, 2006

Little Blue Riding Hoodie

Here's Dave, little blue riding hoodie (with eco-friendly bike).
My oh my what big eyes you have on Number 10.
All the better to see society's ills with.

Wow I think it's great that somebody is actually talking about being tough on the causes of crime as well as the other bit.

Lets be straight - crime and in particular petty crime is a huge problem for the working classes and its entirely correct that Labour should wrest control of the issue from the Tories who successfully exploited Labour's softly softly approach in the 1980s. Tackling crime is as much Labour heartland as unemployment, the NHS and fish and chips at Blackpool.

So its a good thing that Cameron is using his profile and political capital to get 'Causes of Crime' back on the agenda. Things like parenting classes and repararation are really important for addressing a potential career criminal's environmental influences at an early stage.

The trouble is the Tories voted aginst them and slammed them as gimmicks in the press.

That’s why I'm confused...

Hanson, eh? I loved Mmmmmm Bop
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