Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mince head?

I pride myself on being down with the kidz. A while back, I felt I proved myself when explaining to Recess Monkey the meaning of 'nang'. Recently, I did jury service and learnt new terms, at least for me, such as 'kotching' and 'shines', however, one term I have never heard and, frankly, do not understand is 'mincehead', or is that 'mince-head' or 'mince head'? I have heard of mincer and dickhead, but never this hybrid version of the words.
Desmond Swayne, with his timelessly elegant silver mane, used the word in one of his leaked emails to Dave. Many a year ago myself and the creature that eventually turned into Recess Monkey contemplated writing a book of Tory lingo, time has shown that we would have been hopelessly out of our depth.

I was more interested about right-wing Tories being "jazzed off".
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