Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ronaldo update (the cheat not the fat one)

Divine justice, comeuppance or something. I am so happy that Portugal are out. What goes around comes around. And I hope things continue to go bad for Ronaldo.
Thus far: 1) You're out of the World Cup; 2) The bloke who was going to sign you for Real Madrid lost the election so you're stuck at Man Utd for the while with a team mate who allegedly (and scarily) wants to split you in two in a country where you're hated (and please don't think you will be anything but hated); 3) thanks to email/blog campaigns you're not winning the FIFA Young Player of the World Cup anymore and 4) you look, and cry, like a girl.
Here's a classic bit of Ronaldo from Euro 2004. Shit, you're 21 and you're already hated more than Robert Pires.

If you watch that clip carefully at the end, this thoughts are exactly what you put in point 3.
If anyone knows the inner working of FIFA then they will realise that that internet campaigns would not stop a player from winning an award from this most corrupt, undemocratic and unaccountable organisation.
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