Thursday, August 03, 2006

A case of mistaken identity?/Conversion on the information superhighway to Blackpool

Blackpool. I have only been once (granted for about a week) and whilst it would be easy to criticise and make jabs at a place that is oft criticised and jabbed at I will just say that it is a town perhaps not best appreciated in times of persisting drizzle and grey clouds as far as the eye can see. Alas these inclement conditions prevailed for the entirety of my sole sojourn.
So it is not often that I check out the Seasiders as they are so charmingly nicknamed, but two things they have done caught my attention whilst checking out the football rumours (Ceefax p.312) I noticed they signed the enigmatically named Wes Hoolihan and then they looked on the brink of signing Sheffield Wednesday striker, David Graham. A history of David Graham is not necessary but suffice to say he hasn't set Hillsborough alight (as yet). However, Graham backed out of a move to Blackpool (incidentally managed by ex-Owl Simon Grayson) in favour of a 6 month loan at Bradford.
Today I read that Danny Graham of Middlesboro has signed on loan for Blackpool.
Well readers I guess we will have to watch the season unfurl to discover which one is Golden Graham.
And if it's David Graham we'll take him back. Thanks.

p.s Whilst checking some facts (subsequently not used in this post, of course) I stumbled across this website, which is absolutely great and is so good I am going to link it. I understand if you don't check it too often it is a Blackpool FC sublink of the Blackpool Citizen website. I now want Blackpool to win League One (they are already top - albeit alphabetically without a game have being played - so they just need to hang on) and shall keep up with developments at Bloomfield Road via this offering.
The journo Steve Dunthorne deserves a big up. Big up.

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