Thursday, August 31, 2006

England and the Bunnies

Bunny is the cricketing term for someone who doesn't know one end of the bat from the other. A number 11 of very limited batting prowess. Basically me but a loads better. However, in times gone by England have turned this definition on its head most notably when the ultimate bunny, New Zealand's Danny Morrisson survived for about three weeks as he and Nathan Astle saved a test England should have wrapped up easily.
A bunny can also be a batsman who has a particular aversion to one particular bowler, at the moment it could well be Kevin Pietersen when facing Mohammed Asif or an English batsman facing Murali/Warne.
Anyway cricketing Comrade, sorry cricketing STAKEHOLDER Wes has blogged in a terribly, tempting fate manner here to ask who you, not you...YOU, who the bunnies in the Ozzie team are.

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