Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How to make the news more interesting

The majority of news programmes are a touch on the boring side, slanted to their desired perspective with far too many human interest elements. BBC News at 6.30 or Hollyoaks? The purists like Channel 4 news. Not me. When John Terry was announced as England captain it was only the fourth item, something about some terrorist attack on planes being thwarted monopolised the news. Well I never.
Anyway, it has fallen to our European brothers, the Swedes to tackle this issue head on. Beef source, Brandy Nipples was quick to spot the story of porn being shown on a background monitor whilst the anchor waffled on about whatever is newsworthy in Sweden.
Apparently, some staff had previously switched the monitor over to Canal Plus to watch some sport. They forgot to turn it back over. The problem being that when not showing sport Canal Plus shows a fair share of bongo. So Swedish viewers were treated to 30 seconds or so of pure filth. Pure Czech filth actually.
Interestingly, not one single complaint were registered. Mary Whitehouse must be spinning in her grave.

Interestingly, most people failed to mention the censorship of Tom and Jeremy apart from me in my blog. Oh in answer to your question about the news or Hollyoaks? ha ha ha ha ha. Come on mate, does that require an answer?
Tom and Jeremy? Thank god Tom and Jerry aren't being censored
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