Monday, August 28, 2006

Ideas that will never catch on

I was watching Eastenders last night and was happy to see Billy and Honey back from their honeymoon despite them not actually getting wed. Anyway spotting the anomaly uber-matriarch Peggy Mitchell has decided, in her infinite wisdom, to throw a surprise wedding. A SURPRISE WEDDING! Honestly, I ask you - how? Just think about it...HOW? HOW?
And even worse than this was when Peggy suggested her hair-brained idea to Phil and the gangster thug responded: "Yeh that'll be nice". WHAT? Nice? This is Mitchell, he should be itching to give someone a slap not becoming a domestic princess.

hello, nice work keep it up
I went to a suprise wedding once. It was mine!
that new SLater is a fittie, though
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