Monday, August 07, 2006

If you're ever bored on a Saturday afternoon... Gillette Soccer Saturday with subtitles on. Now this might sound like a strange thing to do, but given that I was in the pub with a Plymouth fan, a Brighton fan and a Man Utd fan slumming it until the big boys start in a fortnight it was perfectly reasonable.
First day of the season nerves abounded and eventaully we requested the cricket to be turned over to Soccer Saturday. The barman obliged, albeit slowly with the kind of thought process that hinted that there may very well be some village missing its idiot.
After a good 10 minutes Einstein stumbles upon the right channel but then we realise it is with subtitles, which were initially very annoying.
However, not wishing to risk missing everything by asking the barman to turn the subtitles off we were treated to some unintelligible efforts of the highest/lowest order. I understand it must be very hard to type as the presenters speak but this was woefully inept. Standard fare such as Southend being continually spelt South End was just a start. The highlight being Lee Bullen's dismissal for Sheffield Wednesday.
Now being an Owl I was none to happy to hear he'd been sent off (although the mighty Owls held on for a very credible goaless draw away to Preston) but my tension transformed into guffaws as the subtitle person typed Lee Bullen as Lead Balloon. Sheer class.

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