Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A-Level results show yet another improvement

Britain, the home of the genius, has seen its pass rates at A-Level rise for the umpteenth year in succession.
A record 125% of students passed their exams this year beyond even the Government's targets. That's right more people passed than sat the exams.
Are exams getting easier? "No" answered Terry F*ckwit unequivocally. "Do you know how hard the 5 times tables is? And I spelt my name right." Terry got 5 starred As.

You mean: "The 5 times table is" - surely.

Back of the class Beef, and wonder at my A-level in English in action. :-)
hmmmmmmm...i'll claim it was intentional. To keep you on your toes, like.
The thing is though, the A-level pass rate should be 100% because if someone does shite at AS level in their first year they shouldn't carry on to do the full A-level, should they? And if you fail AS you CAN'T do A2s.
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