Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shut it you slag

Nothing seems to be happening in August. So in the spirit of comradeship, I offer you this website (and eternal thanks for l'ecossaise for pointing me in its direction)
I have been doing the Eastenders one and the Lord of the Rings quiz. On Eastenders, I have managed to get 95/100 - cheating only twice to find out the correct spelling of a character's name (if you get it even slightly wrong you're done for). There are two Eastenders quizzes, I did the first one and the ones I need are numbers 52, 53, 57, 61 and 74. If you know please post in the comments. And also note two things: you only need to put in the first name and also check out the celeb at number 88.

dunno if am doing same enders one as you but believe 74 to be that irish bird who shagged fit dennis once and then stalked women who was in byker grove (just remembered name is halfpenny)...

think she was ohil's nanny, maybe?
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