Friday, August 18, 2006

Sports Personality of the Year

So Andy Murray has beaten 'Tiger' Tim Henman, the World's best player Roger Federer and Robbie Ginepri in the Cincinnati Masters. Does this make him a better sportsman than David Walliams?? Even though, I don't particularly care for tennis it is a better achievement surely?
Or how's about this for an outside bet: Owen Hargreaves. Presented by a prostrated and penitent Frank Skinner.

Update: Or how's about Darren Campbell? It'd take guts to award it to him. Maybe a lifetime achievement would be more appropriate given his recent retirement. Or Luke Donald? One round to go and level with the Tiger. What's playing more on his mind? Winning the US PGA and becoming the first European to win a major since 1999 (Paul Laurie winnig the Open after Van de Velde took leave of his senses) or being BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

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