Thursday, August 31, 2006

Young Fabian quiz

The social event of the year took place last night in the Marquis of Granby pub, Westminster - yes the Hitler Youth Young Fabians Pub Quiz.
So we get there and there's about as much space as a small Chinesse restaurant, but negatives aside our team settles down. Much merriment ensued as every round was named after, and very loosely based on, a government department. Ho ho. Sadly there was no DCLG round on militant Catholicism. Well our team "Stakeholders of the World unite" were out of the blocks like Linford Christie in the lead after two rounds, sadly thereafter we resembled Agatha Christie. Much like the Chinese sprinter we were guilty of Peking too soon.
We finished 5th (I think) and the team who won had 7 members (as opposed to the 5 it was supposed to be - quite sad that a Labour affiliated do was won by cheats and that the organisers let it go). And also the Sports round (the true way of determining the quality of a quiz) sucked ass big time. Oh yeh and the funniest team name was deemed to be Dyslexics Untied - get it? About as original as a standing ovation after a Conference speech.
Still, don't get me wrong, it was an alcohol-fuelled laugh and there were some highlights: Roy's immense free-styling interpretation of Vanilla Ice and Helen spilling red wine all over Stewpot's book (that'll learn you to try to look like an intellectual) spring to mind.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. there were five teams then :-)
God I hate Young Fabians.

All called Tarquin or Char-lott.

Talk about Poverty and Thatcher with the same earnest handwringing as they do when deciding what frock to wear to their Thames River partys or working out why the Sports and Social doesnt sell Moet.

Poo eaters.
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