Thursday, September 07, 2006

3Rs: Riting; Rubbish surveys and Rong percentages

I enjoy the Metro. Whoever said today's news is tomorrow's chip paper hasn't read the Metro. There really is nothing like reading yesterday's (to be fair sometimes a couple of days old) news to give you that little shot in the arm on the way to work of a morning. Especially the countless pointless surveys about which it unfailingly reports (i.e. Wednesday's reporting on telephone telepathy; yes, there is a 1000 billion to one chance of guessing who is phoning you)
I have posted two articles here. One is a bland bit about Alan Johnson fast-tracking kids to learn their times tables a year earlier. And the next article is about felons being released back into society without any risk assessment. Whether this is true or not is momentarily immaterial, what I liked was the title "4% of felons 'unchecked'" given that the first line of the article reads "Four in ten convicts are released back into society without any assessment of their risk to the public, a report claims."
Correct me if I am wrong but isn't 4 out of 10 40% and not 4%?? Maybe they should do their percentages as well as writing about the three Rs.

100% of Labour activists I surveyed thought the PM should go on and on for as long as he wants.

But then the sample was only 1..!
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