Monday, September 25, 2006

Abi (x2), Abbey (x4) and Fred Titmuss

So alleged coke snorting alleged WAG, Abi Clancy has, in a fit of pique, changed her name to Abbey so as not to be confused with Abi Titmuss who in turn never changed her name out of the risk of being mistaken for ex-England off spinner and selector, Fred Titmuss (I think this may be the only fresh mention of Fred Titmuss on the Internet today).
But what will happen now if Abbey is confused with other famous Abbeys such as Westminster Abbey, the Abbey National and former Norwich striker, Zema Abbey? What a bloody joke. Why doesn't she change her name to Alleged Coke Snorting, Alleged Girlfriend of Alleged Lanky Freak? We'd know who she was then without any confusion.

I might add she came second Britains Next Top Model - as won by my step-niece
Sexy Abigail Clancy
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