Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Encouraging sign for the Ashes

So Matthew Hoggard has become the latest England cricketer to get injured. This is Hoggy's second injury of the Summer after Tim Bresnan trod on his hand when wearing his spikes. Hoggy didn't miss any matches though so it is time for a proper injury and Hoggy has gone and got himself a side strain. At the moment it is expected that he will make hte Ashes squad comfortably.
But there is light at the end of the tunnell. Jack Bannister, the single worst cricket commentator ever whose career is being inexplicably continued by TalkSport and the Birmingham Post has declared that Strauss would be a better captain than Freddy. Given his endorsement, I am happy that Freddie got the nod.
Basically, whatever Bannister says is wrong. My Bannister moment of the Summer was him calling a bit of commentary live thus: "And that's short and pulled away by Pietersen for 4 (slight silent pause) actually it's a 6. (Another slight silent pause) and it was Collingwood." Just dreadful.

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