Thursday, September 28, 2006

Inzi guilty of bringing cricket into disrepute

So the fat dude has been found guilty? Good. Ok, I'll qualify the comment a touch: he was cleared of ball tampering. To reiterate my view of this Darrell Hair is a liability; a dogmatic man devoid of senstivity. There is no proff that Pakistan had tampered with the ball but Hair was like a bull in a china shop. But who exactly does Inzi think he is not to come onto the field of play? The ban (4 One Day Internationals) is just and I hope he doesn't appeal. If the ban stands Inzi will miss Pakistan's first matches of the Champions Trophy.

Agreed re Inzi.

But Hair though - he's something else. I love the fact that he "guessed" that the ball had been tampered with. "Oh, they're a bunch of pakis, of course they're cheats".
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