Monday, September 11, 2006

Labour leadership

1. Withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

2. End to privatisation.

3. Abolition of student fees and full support for comprehensive education.

4. Restoration of civil liberties and trade union rights.

5. A green energy policy based upon renewable power sources.

6. Increase in the Basic State Pension and the immediate restoration of the earnings link.

Doesn't sound too shabby a platform to fight from.

Jesus - where do he come up with that crap. Fancy standing on a platform of peace, workers rights, freedom and environmentalism - he doesn’t stand a chance
I think you might find Dave will take those policies!!
A Source Formerly Close to the Soon to be Former PM backs Barry Beef for next Labour Leader!

Is anyone else alarmed by the fact that you can get ONLY 500-1 on either Georgeous George Galloway or 'Dave' Cameron being next Labour Leader!?!
A source formerly close to the soon to be former PM. Firstly your name is getting ridicously long. What are the odds of a cow being Labour leader?...I suppose they did when John Smith died and they appointed Margaret Beckett interim leader!!
come on my lord that is uncalled for. anyway, to fight fire with fire, your lot have a wanker as their leader
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