Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mung Bean and the fruit juice bar

So Sir Mung Bean Campbell was set to miss Charlie's speech and attend a fruit juice bar instead, only to have his plans changed due to the potential Ming disses Charlie. Maybe it was another of the old boy's cultural reference blunders.

Sir Mung Bean (to Chief Tofu adviser): I don't know what went wrong. I know...stuff. I'm down with the kidz. I used to be one. I think. Anyway what about that modern group Electric 7 - they sold more LPs than the Rolling Stones, you know?
I wanna take you to a fruit juice bar,
I wanna take you to a fruit juice bar,
I wanna take you to a fruit juice bar,
fruit juice bar, fruit juice bar.♫

Chief Tofu adviser (under his breath to Deputy Chief Tofu adviser): He's cracked. Mad, I tell you. It's like he's entering his bloody second childhood with this f*cking fruit juice bar. Oh let's take him to the fruit juice bar, he might shut up about it."

Clear now?

He actually thought he was going to a Jewish Bar mitzvah...

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