Monday, September 04, 2006

Peter Crouch vs. Bobby Charlton

I don't know if anyone else heard Stevie Gerrard state that Peter Crouch will break Bobby Charlton's England international goal-scoring record. No, he really said that. Now I never thought Crouch was bad enough to warrant the cat-calls and boos he received when he came off the bench for his England debut, but the most prolific English scorer of all-time? You're having a laugh. Unless we play Andorra every other week interspersed with San Marino, the Faroe Island and the odd tricky match against Montserrat and the Vatican City Second XI.
Charlton is top with 49 goals and the list I found on Wikipedia went down to Dixie Dean, George Camsell, Johnny Haynes and Roger Hunt in joint 18th place ironically on 18 goals. So the big boy has got a long, long way to go. Let's hope he does it. But a sounder bet would probably be Michael Owen (currently in 4th place on 36 goals), sounder but not convinced that will happen either.
I wonder what odds you could get on Emile Heskey?

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