Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stick to knitting, love

Was listening to TalkSport and heard the tale of Silvia Regina de Oliveira, the female Brazilian referee who awarded a goal when the ball boy rolled the ball into the net. It is more ridiculous than it sounds. The goal, in the 89th minute, handed Santacruzense a 1-1 drawer with Atletico Sorocaba. This is even worse than Graham '3 card trick' Poll.

Fantastic soundtrack btw! :-)
Who did they credit the goal to? I mean, the keeper clearly doesn't touch it before it goes in the net, and the ball boy, well not exactly listed on the team sheet. As i said last week, never trust anything that... [self-censorship] ...without dying
i think it was credited to the litte lad so blame it on the ball boy (wasn't that a Dudley Moore film?)
the refereess didn't see it and apparently gave the goal on the words of her assistant who was probably high, not looking or stroking his guide dog.
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