Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Studs, haircuts, style and Kerron Cross

Yeh, spot the odd one out in the title?

Anyway many moons ago, Kerron Cross, presumably in a day of little news, challenged me to come up with a load of dodgy football haircuts. Well, I am now in a position to oblige. Or I thought I was until it came to getting permission to publish the pics. It's not that they're not that disturbing (at least in a criminal sense) but rather are from a book called Studs! - a kind of living testament to mad and bad football haircuts. And when I emailed the publishers Ebury Press (via Random House) for permission, I got a confusing reply. Well, here's my email, the response and my reply...


I am emailing to ask permission to reproduce quite a bit of material from the book Studs! (published by Ebury Press). I run a blog and would like to post several pictures/articles after scanning.



Dear Barry

Thank you for your enquiry.

As this book will not be published until next month, we are unable to grant permission for you to use material at this stage. Because the book is not yet published I am unable to check the status of photographs included therein. It is usual (but not always the case!) that the photographer retains the rights and permission would have to be sought direct.

Should you still wish to use this material at some stage in the future, please reapply for permission. This will be subject to required copyright notices and time limitation.

Yours sincerely

xxxxxxxxxxx (she didn't send kisses, I am protecting her identity, you see...)

Dear xxxxx (once again not kisses),

Thank you so much for your prompt answer. I did not know that it was yet to be published, I am surprised as I bought a copy of it in a charity shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells for £1.50. I shall not publish any photos until publication.

Thank you again.


So somehow I have procured an unpublished book in a charity shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells for the princely sum of £1.50.

Oh, and as of 5th October, or probably 6th (the Friday and proclaimed day of fun and irreverence) myself and the delectable Kezza will be jointly presenting the best bits.

Perhaps had you emailed her kisses there would have been a more positive response.
It's all about the kisses with you, isn't it Lola? ;-)
I am unsure what your evidence base for this is, Kerron.

" xxxxxxxxxxx (she didn't send kisses, I am protecting her identity, you see...)

Dear xxxxx (once again not kisses) "

It is demonstrably Barry who is obsessed.
Lola. What can I say? I am obsessed with Terry Mancini.
I have no idea who or what that is, and therefore am stumped for a response.
it's the chap in the photo.
I see.
I love Terry Mancini, I think we should all send him kisses. :-)
Quite possibly an advance copy sent as a sample to a bookshop or to a reviewer.

A lot of reviewers make a tidy second income selling off their freebies - sounds like there is a more public-spirited one in Tunbridge Wells!

Might be worth keeping an eye on that shop in case it is a regular happening.

Looking for dodgy footballer hairdos?

Look no further than Tevez for a fine modern example...
Newspapers get a lot of advanced preview copies to review. I heard of a journo once who used to steal them and sell them to fund his crack habit
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