Friday, September 15, 2006

What are Trade Unions compared to stakeholders and corporate chums?

from the Daily Mirror
Yesterday delegates at the TUC Congress overwhelming backed left-wing outsider John McDonnell to win the Labour leadership election. Although the unions have a third-share in Labour's electoral college, the result which saw Mr McDonnell thrashing Mr Brown by 59 to 10 per cent is unlikely to be reflected in the real contest.

Who needs Union support?? C'mon John, it's not about having Union support, is it? What do they know about worker's rights? So far you have preached peace, socialism, environmentalism and freedom: what kind of policy initiatives are these? What about a BIG CONVERSATION? That's what the people want. Give out a few ASBOs; tough on crime. Start a war, c'mon John - time to get your head out the clouds.

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