Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Many bloggers much better than me have opined on yesterday's happenings. I, for one, thought I would hold back and look at it the day after with clarity of mind and soul. I feel I now have everything in perspective, so here goes...

Wins for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland? After turning over England in the World Cup qualifiers they are fast turning into a football super-power. All they now have to do is cut out the 3-0 home defeats to Iceland (that night I think the Tesco Second XI could have got a draw) and they'll be well on the way. And the mighty Scots?? This is good, I like Scotland and am happy that they appear to be turning things around for too long they have been appalling. The cruch comes next month with the double-header against the Ukraine and France, but anyway it's better than their dark days of losing to various European nobodies. Well done England too. Hardly the most convincing but 1-0, another clean sheet and another one in the onion bag for the Big Boy.
And our teutonic brethren hammered San Marino to the tune of 13-0, or 0-13 it was at San Marino. That is an old skool drubbing. I say old school, but in fact that is inaccurate as it is a record high victory in European qualifiers. So a Nu-skool drubbing.
However, of course, yesterday was not just about football. Some things are more important. After all, football is only a game. Marcus Trescothick pulled out of the England one-day squad for the Champions Trophy citing a stress-related illness as the reason. I doubt this will jeopardise his place in the Ashes squad, but stranger things have happened.
And it was also sad to see Andy Murray get trounced dy Davydenko in the US Open 4th round. Resuming 2 sets to 1 down after a prolonged rain-break, Murray capitulated losing the last set 6-0. Good to see Andy Roddick making a comeback walloping Lleyton Hewitt. The tutelage of Jimmy Connoers seems to be paying dividends.

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