Thursday, October 26, 2006

Darts of Pleasure

In recent days I have been seen wiping the cobwebs off my Three Ladies and readying myself for the new darts season. Last night saw the opening match of the London Owls season with the Wednesday beating Rotherham 7-4, thus registering our first win against them in 8 matches. Sadly, I was at my cloven hoof worst in my singles match losing to a bloke with an uncanny likeness to what you'd imagine the Chuckle Brother's dad would look like.
Even more surprising than our victory was that I was wolf-whistled on my way to darts. By girls, yeh!

Ladies of the night by chance?
Maybe the poor performace was due to the Krone you were spotted supping in the Sports prior to departure?
no, no. My arrows ability is fine up to about 4 pints. I only had 3 and was on the coke thereafter. Actually, perhaps that was the problem...
wolf whistled?... I see. When the cat's away eh? (Were they waitresses?)
when the cat is away, the Bull gets all lonely.
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