Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Excuse me but who are you?

"You're wearing a veil. Take it off please. Take it off now. I want to hypnotise you" cries the Demon Headmaster in his Blackburn lair and its bingo-bango as everyone has an opinion on this one. Yes it's race and every Briton can speak their mind with some authority on this subject; no matter how ignorant or ill-formed they are.
But has it not struck anyone else as a touch bizarre? The MP wants to see the constituent so they can better judge...well we don't quite know why, but they want to see your face: smiling or crying, fit or minging. But how about the same question from the other view? Constituents want to see their MPs. As well we know some MPs are totally duplicitous so it is an interesting conundrum. Because there's more to this than meets the eye. Let's here it then: MPs remove your veils of platitudes and half-truths and let's see you. Or as Delia Smith would say: "Come on! Come on let's be having you!"

Do I sense some irony old Beefy old chum. Don't you too wear a veil as your alter ego ? I know like you know who you are and who I am. Ask yourself why you don't reveal yourself. Well enough is enough. Today to the world I shall reveal you. Barrys Beef is no other than Edmund Cecil B. Lambshanks!!!
but if i was an mp i wouldn't do advice surgeries as barry beef...
"If", Barry? You mean WHEN you are an MP!
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