Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feeling the heat

"Climate Change?" poses the Climate Changer whilst scratching his head with a pencil inexplicably wedged behind his ear. "I've heard of it, never seen it this bad mind. Put the kettle on will you? I'm parched. How do I put this? It's gonna cost you, love, and I haven't even taken labour costs into consideration..." Not only you, love, but me, him, the butcher, the baker and even the downtrodden candlestick maker (who in recent years has been reduced to solely making candles that smell of something distinctive, like vanilla). "I don't think you'll be seeing change out of $3.7 billion" continues the Climate Changer concluding his estimate. "Will we still have enough for renewing Trident and continuing our controversial, and arguably unhelpful, military forays into, and the occupation of, foreign countries?" wonder the good burghers of Britain. "Indubitably" answers Chancellor Brown, "but pay heed: It's getting hot in herre" in answer to which the Deputy Prime Minisiter mumbled under his breath (and chins) to anyone within earshot; "so take off all your clothes."

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