Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has been cleared of any wrong-doing after asking Dave 'Dave' Cameron whether he'd ever flicked one off thinking of Lady T. And quite rightly so. My problem is not that he is offensive but that he is patently not funny. Allow me to re-phrase that - fearing the wrath of one of my girlfriend's ex-housemates: he is funny(ish) but is not a comedian. I am getting increasingly fed up by him. He's rude for the sake of being rude rather than the sake of being funny and this is a big difference. Seriously, it's like f*cking kiddy-hour asking Dave 'Dave' questions like this. What next? "Hey Tone ever knock one out thinking about...Lady T" Ok Blair's a bad example. What about Brown: "Hey Gord ever you know think about Clem Attlee in the all together?" Or even better would be Arnie: "Arnie when you were younger did you ever cum thinking about Adolf Hitler?"
Rant over. Feel free to answer the poll in the side menu.

He did make a useful contribution to the McCartney/Mills debate.

At the Q Awards:
"Heather Mills McCartney - what a f*****g liar! I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out she’s actually got two legs."
To play devils advocate. I think JR did have a sense of humour largely applicable to beer guzzling ladish generation but unfortunately he has a solid gold contract with thhe Beeb and a script writer. Probably Gervais....

...his missus does have a nice rack though!
The writers for "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" are Jim Pullin, Shaun Pye, Fraser Steele, Jez Stevenson and...Jonathan Ross.
Thanks for clearing that up, even if it is on the nerdy side
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