Thursday, October 19, 2006

A nice little touch from Mozilla

This is for those of you who use flash photography; yeh baby the Mozilla generation. You know sometimes in Mozilla sometimes a specific window won't open, so with this patch you can open an Internet Explorer window from within Mozilla through an option offered upon right-clicking. Plain genius.
Here's the link

Barry. What are you on about? I know I'm an out of touch fuddy-duddy Lord but on this occasion I am of the firm opinion you are speaking out of your arse.
I think I know what he's on about - some (badly designed) websites only work properly in Internet Explorer - things like Windows Update and some paysites being the usual culprits. Thus the widget he's talking about will allow you to open an IE window for difficult pages from within Mozilla Firefox

Obviously this isn't relevant to most people on the Parliamentary Estate, where IE reigns supreme. However you can get Firefox working should you so desire - just make sure you direct it to the Proxy Script in the connection settings.
Firefox can work (almost) perfectly well round here, now it can work perfectly well (Factiva for instance needs IE)

Only thing BB - why the reference to loving Google?
i liked the picture.
got an I love Mozilla instead?
scary link. thanks.
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