Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Question of the day

And this should be done without resorting to a google search. What does the word retromingent mean?

Two suggestions for 'retromingent':

(adj) of or pertaining to an 'old minger'
(adj) relating to Ming Campbell before he was a doddery old man; as in the sentence "Ming Cambell looked energetic? Nonsense - only in his retromingent days"
A woman's fanny with a 70's haircut?
It's good but it's not right
Gent-Tory Male

Retromingent - Michael Howard
I am sure we could all think of a more appropriate description of Michael Howard. However, as rude as some might be you got to go a long way to beat "There is something of the night about him"
Actually, when Howard claimed to be trying to save the NHS, one MP said "There is nothing of the night nurse about him.

Oh ho ho... crazey guys and gals them MPz!
Did you know camels are retromingent...Have a look.

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