Thursday, October 26, 2006

Remember Day (or 3 weeks)

I enjoy Rememberance Day. All the veterans being remembered for fighting for King and Country. The Cenotaph and all that bollocks. Top stuff. Hear Hear! And poppies are good too. Dip into your pockets and give money to a Beefeater. Or something like that. My problem here is manifold:

1) Because unlike some cheapskates I don't have just one suit and will invariably forget to change my poppy from suit to suit. And even if I do remember it make me feel like Scrooge, which surprisingly isn't totally bad, so I will end up with either 3 or 4 poppies which will all end up battered because it's hard not to crush them when you are wearing an overcoat.

2) That pin is really quite tricky Maybe being left-handed has made me cack-handed, but I do find it a mission.

3) How early are people starting to wear them? This is the crucial point. People moan about Christmas advertising starting in Mid-July but commercialism waits for no man (or woman), yet Rememberance Day is not in the same category. We all know full well that it is Rememberance Day and not Rememberance 3 Weeks. Do people feel more righteous if they are the first to don a poppy? Does it give you a feeling of superiority knowing that you are remembering whilst every other dullard on the tube partakes in the rigours of everyday life? Does it put you on a spiritual pedestal? And, of course, what bunch of people would lead the way? Yes, it's MPs. MPs enjoy the poppy more than most. Some wear them as early as early October. It may well soon be mandatory dress during Summer Recess.

Oh well. Got that off my chest. Blogging is just like therapy, but a lot less cool. I'm off to buy some Easter Eggs.

resilient all-plastic poppies is the answer. (so you can keep them for the next year)
You really are a stupid little man. Think you sound tough on the Internet, do you?
Bloody prat, thats what you are.
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