Thursday, October 12, 2006

They all look the same

A lot is being made of the Tory Party and whether their rebirth is genuine. Have they been cleansed of their past? Are issues such as homophobia, racism, Trade Unionists and the NHS no longer the bete noirs of the Parliamentary Barbour Wax Jacket brigade?
An ever reliable contributor, A Source Formerly Close to the PM, pointed me in the direction of a mistake that was by no means intrinsically racist and certainly not a "Well they all look the same to me" blunder, Tory Shadow Secretary of Health Andrew Lansley got a touch confused between Sadiq Khan and Shahid Malik. The fact that they are both Anglo-Asian Members is, I am quite sure, purely coincidental.

Mr. Sadiq Khan (Tooting) (Lab): Can the hon. Gentleman confirm that, despite all the cuts that he claims will be made, staff will be safe and no jobs will be lost under a Conservative Government?

Mr. Lansley: I am interested in what the hon. Gentleman says. He will forgive me if I am wrong, but I think that his local hospital is part of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Is that right? [Hon. Members: “Tooting.”] I beg his pardon.

Yeh I know Tooting. Hmmm...Tooting. Tooting...Tooting. Yeh next to Pontefract??? No Tooting is in London and is represented by Sadiq Khan. Perhaps he thought Sadiq was Shahid Malik who is the Member for Dewsbury, which falls within the....Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
Khan? Malik? Well, what's in a name?

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