Monday, October 30, 2006

Watch the Windies blow the Ozzies over

Big Johnnie, a good chum back from the uni days and an aspiring bowler who once rearranged, amongst notable others, Jamie Theakston's stumps, sent me word that Google Video was hosting a little treat. By little, of course, I mean big. How big, Barry? 2 hours big, readers. This is highlights of the Windies vs. Australia tour of 1990 and is pretty awesome. Many of the greats of Windies cricket are there: Haynes; Greenidge; Richardson; Richards; Marshall; Walsh; Ambrose and Patterson. A certain Brian Charles Lara is 12th man. The Ozzies boast Taylor; Marsh; Boon; Jones; Border; Mark Waugh; Healy; Hughes and McDermott. Well worth a watch.

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