Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why don't you just shut your hole?

Let me say first off that Glenn McGrath is a fantastic cricketer. I love the holding the ball up to the crowd after he gets another 5-for. When he bowls you always think a wicket is around the corner.
But he is a real, grade A c*ck. You know when he twisted his ankle playing rugby in the warm-up for the Edgbaston test of the Ashes it was great. Not only was the Aussies' joint most important player out but it was well deserved. Karma, if you will. It was McGrath, of course, who prophesised Australia would whoop England 5-0. He was wrong. England won 2-1. Once bitten, twice shy? No, not for this egotistical tw*t. Now he's calling England's finest Monty 'soft' for seeing a sports psychologist. Mate, you might be right; but we love Monty and we can't stand you.
Here's to Monty getting you out time and time again.

And whilst we're on the subject of the Aussies, it's great to see Dan Cullen getting called up as a replacement for the injured Stuart Clark for the Champions Trophy. I am sure he'll prove me wrong, but I really don't rate him too highly. As a chum, Sweetstuff commented: "Good for the Aussies that we don't have 3 world class left-handers in our top order…. oh, woops. Strauss will c*nt cullen to c*ntville and back."
And finally on the subject of our Antipodean brethren. Isn't it pleasing that Brett 'my family is the most important thing in my life' Lee has publicly stated that he will definitely play in the First Test even though his wife is set to give birth the day before. Quality mate! I hope you play, I hope you get no wickets, get tonked around and get a king pair.

famous at last
Sweetstuff, you sound like a man of wit, wisdom and moderation.
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