Friday, November 24, 2006

And don't think for one minute that...

the Central Line was running properly today. In 1992, the Queen (and the Royal Family) had an annus horribilis, the week proceeding 18th November 2006 has been a weekus horribilis for the Central Line.
Not satisfied with running a special timetable, part of the Central Line was today suspended. And the proffered reason? Vandalism at North Acton, of course. For those of you without a detailed knowledge of the Central Line, North Acton is absolutely miles away from where I am. So when I saw that there was a suspension down the other end of the line, I didn't think it would effect me at all. More fool me, because in addition to the part shutdown there were continuing minor delays meaning...yep you guessed it...a special timetable.
So, in conclusion, Central Line is part suspended but all sh*t


I always wondered why people complain about the London Underground but now I understand when I went down for a weekend this month. Loads of lines weren't running so it spoiled my weekend.
You wouldn't get that kind of inefficient public transport system in Northampton.

...come to think of it, you wouldn't get any kind of public transport system in Northampton.

So to try to find the positive, you can feel smug as a bug that you'll go to heaven for saving the planet (albeit at a reduced speed than usual) while the rest of us are forced to drive our pollutionmobiles to the fiery place (not Lewes).
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