Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Barking up the wrong tree

A couple (or is it now a few?) weeks ago Gregory Barker came out. His sexuality is really of no concern to me, actually I am more concerned that he appears to be wearing a burberry tie in the photo. Also to reveal myself as a geek (quel surprise) he bares an uncanny resemblance to Harry Osbourne, the human alter-ego of the Green Goblin (although not the original zzzzzz...sorry) - Spiderman's great nemesis.
OK got that off my chest. So on the day he comes out, or is outed I must admit it slipped under my radar. At the end of the day I was off to the Sports and Social with Dudley Eyebrows (24) and we were playing the fools, speaking in fake ghetto speak and generally acting like a couple of twats (for the record Dudley Eyebrows (24) was eerily convincing - as a twat not as ghetto) and whilst descending the lift from Portcullis House to the Palace itself we were making kissing noises and shaming each other's female relations and as the kissing and general tomfoolery continued unrelentingly we walked past Gregory Barker who turned around and looked generally aghast and crest-fallen as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Neither of us knew who Gregory Barker was (although it did strike fear into my heart when I was once watching parliamentary proceedings and saw the Hobgoblin was a Front-Bench spokesman for the Conservatives) and then the day after I saw the story.
So for the record, Gregory, if you're reading this; sorry and well...sorry again.
Good story though.

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