Sunday, November 12, 2006

F*ck Ups in the F.A Cup

I went down to the Matchroom Stadium, or Brisbane Road as it should still be called, and watched Leyton Orient scrape past Notts County in the first round of the F.A Cup. It was pretty good fun and after two balti pies and a bit of vocal bashing for the ref, who must have rated an 8 or 9 on the Graham Poll scale, I sort of didn't mind too much not going to Portman Road to watch Ipswich get their arse handed to them by the Owls as I really should have done. It was pure laziness anyway, Leyton is only 4 tube stops away from me.
But my happiness spiralled on seeing some of the other cup results. You always here this bollocks about cup shocks and how it's great for the little club to stick one over their supposed superiors. Sort of, I'd agree to a point. Rushden and Diamonds knocked out Yeovil and the media tries to build up excitement but my case is best made by Basingstoke knocking out Chesterfield, who this season had themselves carried the mantle of giant-killers after knocking out Mancester City and West Ham in the Carling Cup. My point being that how can it be giant-killing when the giant is a Yeovil or a Chesterfield? It is an etymological mistake, it is a shock rather than giant-killing, or even a big shock. No particular disrespect meant to these teams but, come on, Southend knocking out Manchester United - now that is giant-killing. It's up there with David putting one over Goliath. You dig?
Personally, at this stage of the tournament I enjoy seeing non-league teams getting absolutely stuffed and, as a consequence, I was delighted to see an 8-0 (Brighton beating Northwich Victoria like an unloved step-kid) and a 5-0 (Forest stuffing Yeading like an unloved...I'll leave it there).
Am currently enjoying Weymouth vs. Bury on BBC 1 (currently 2-2) and there's some quality swearing being picked up from the terraces, which Jonathan Pearce (who is so much better than Motty) referring to it as industrial language. Fucking right!

More importantly, when are Luton going to sack Mike Newell? And when will the FA ban him??? f**king disgusting comments about female officials at the weekend - he's an utter disgrace! And a s**t manager!

What does Barry think?

PS Great point salvaged by Argyle at Leicester on Saturday. And I'm off to the glamour that is Southend v Argyle this week!
Ah, 8-0. Wish i'd been there, but i did have a friend's birthday drinks to go to.

Wilkins - in his so far short tenure as manager although long time at the club as player and coach - is becoming a legendary manager. We may have been playing a conference side, but as anyone who knows football is aware, these are (and often have been in my experience) potential banana skins. Now this was our biggest win for 40 odd years.

Wilkins is indubitably proving his worth. Two post match quotes:

"We had a 10-minute spell where we were quite poor"

"Lots goes into producing the kind of movement, quality in possession and finishing we are seeing. It's not something that just happens, it's repetition."
I have to say the Balti Pie at Brisbane Road was pretty tasty! We need better and cheaper grub at more stadiums, especially at Bootham (now Kit Kat) Crescent. Their burgers are cardboard! I never thought I'd say this, but give me the South (in terms of footy grub ONLY) any day!
Re: Mike Newell - it ain't some female ref's fault his team are shite, it's his! He should be fired!!!
You can't beat a good pasty at Argyle's Home Park as proper footie grub!!!
Not the F.A. Cup, but I am in deep mounring over the recent scoreline in the Arseholes vs. Liverpool match. :(
But, how many British teams have won the European title five times? :)
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