Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm black, you're black...hold on a sec...are you my Dad?

Of course it's Eastenders and one of the dafter storylines. Denise is black. Patrick is black. So the scripters make them daughter and father. Genius. What next? Winston's a long lost step-brother?

Ahmen to you Beefy Flaps.

I was watching a few weeks a ago and thinking how good it was that for once, there was more than one family of other than white origin on the street, at the same time (occassionally they have done one black and one asain , but never two black or two asian - presumably this would break the quota dam).

An then? And then they go and make them bloomin' related anyway.

very irritating.

Crap story line Eastern Benders... really crap.

As ever, Well Done Barry
I haven't seen this lot as I stopped watching Eastenders a while back but I do remember that their black and Asian family members never actually resembled each other at all. It was a sort of "let's just get a group of black actors and they'll look similar enough to be a family" approach, even if they were clearly from totally different backgrounds with totally different appearances.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't a lot of the white families related too?

I completely agree with the post, but think that the real hidden truth about Eastenders is that they all love incest.
....except for when you had Robbie. Now he was into a little doggy love with Well'ard.
I remember in Hollyoaks, a couple of years back, when they had a family where the daughter was Asian, the son was Black Afro-Caribbean and the father looked like he was of Mediterranean origin, or just olive skinned! They obviously just said "you're all kind-of brown, you can be a family." Mind you, it is Hollyoaks...
Damned right Anonymous!

I remember that. It was rubbish - Hollywanks tend also to have families where all the children have compltely different regional accents despite apparently having grown up together adn in order to get a relatively fanciable 'MIWF', they have mothers who must have started spitting out the babies at around 15.

Poo poo poo stuff.
do you mean MILF Pooks?
why you bein' racist? Why u saying i'm black?
You don't say that.
Stop bein' racist.
i agree with that 'anoymnus' person.
You shouldn't say 'i'm black, you're black'. He OR she is right.
Dont say things like that, plz.
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