Friday, November 10, 2006

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new link list

I thought I'd spice up my links, so I'll go through them now. I hope you get some enjoyments from these excellent sites.

Recess Monkey - Now considered a veteran of the blogging scene, Mr R. Monkey esq along with the next reprobate were the guys who got me blogging. When not monkeying around with Message Space and Labour Home, monkey remains da man.

Kerron Cross
- Goody two shoes Brownite, Cllr Cross took over my office in Portcullis House. Despite not recognising the significance of darts he's alright but still needs a haircut.

Hamer Shawcross
- *new entry*. The first newie added today. Recently started and very good indeed. I do enjoy blogs that take the piss.

Reclaim Labour - *new entry*. Run by Harry Perkins, the Sheffield Wednesday supporting Prime Minister of A Very British Coup this is an excellent blog and has galvanised opinion on the left against Michael Meacher. And quite rightly so too.

Elijah Wood is Very Very Gay - if you haven't looked, go look. One of the daftest ideas imaginable, brilliant.

Football Rumours
- You know when you're in the pub and there's always someone with an improbable rumour. Improbable like: I hear Rochdale are in for Arjen Robben. All these rumours come from here. Occassionally a rumour is right.

- All things cricket.

- You might have heard of this one before.

The Lord Lucan - Despite a recent obsession with blogging about musicals, the good Lord remains the #1 Tory blog - shame the only people who comment on it are Labour though. A site that deserves more hits and more comments and, yes m'lud, you can pay me later. In the Sports.

John McDonnell for Leader - A close personal friend of Cllr Cross, I only linked this at Kerron's insistence. Hahaha. As it stands he's got my vote, but then I was going to go and vote for Jimmy Tarbuck on Strictly Come Dancing and look what happened to him.

The Carpetbaggers - *new entry*. If Hamer takes the piss, Urquhart and Trollope take it, run around with it and throw it in your face, which if you're Mark Oaten is horny and if you're not is very funny.

Labour Home
- That boy Hilton, he's all grown-up now. I'm very proud, brother. The boy's done good.

Sonja and Ruthie in Mexico - Two lovely ladies, this is a journal of their time in Mexico. Not updated anymore but we were all with you.

I don't like cricket
- Wesley and his gang go Aussie baiting and do He-Man look-a-likes.

Seasiders News - Everything you wanted to know about Blackpool FC's progress but were afraid to ask.

Josie McCoy's Gallery - Consider yourself an art buff? Well have a look here. Makes Picasso looked like Neil Buchanan.

Idiots for Labour
- *new entry*. Pretty brutal and, consequently, pretty funny.

Cllr Bob Piper - Sandwell's finest. Speaks Labour and speaks sense, two things which sadly are not always synonymous.

- Ol' two darts himself. Last night he was wearing his Dad's jumper.

BloggersforLabour - the glue of the Labour blogging world. Enjoys darts and New Order, this clearly marks him out as someone decent.

HTFC World
- *new entry*. Sadly, this appears not to be updated anymore, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes football. It really is sheer genius.

Antonia's blog
- *new entry*. Writes decent stuff all the time and I found the Carpetbaggers blog via hers, so respect.

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