Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a minute/Rising like a (GSK) phoenix from the flames

Despite the implication of the subject, this is not a post dedicated to Nicholas Parsons, but rather the footballing tradition of the minute silence. Whilst normally being reserved for someone who has shuffled off the mortal coil, but not exclusively tragically, this time the minute silence - as Beef source DUDLEY EYEBROWS noticed - has been bastardized to - to go all PJ and Duncan on yo ass - PSYCHE out the opposition.
GSK Phoenix, a team competing in the Sussex league, staged the minute's silence as a prank in a match against Ifield Edwards. It turned out that the player had not been dropped off but rather dropped from the first team. Ali Rennie, manager of Ifield Edwards said the prank was "despicable,disgraceful and in poor taste". Hard to disagree. But how were GSK rumbled? Rennie takes up the case: "One or two of them were giggling or laughing... which we felt was unusual." GSK face either a fine or a point reduction - it has not been suggested that the alleged dead person is actually culled. If Ifield Edwards are given any points for this it would be ca case of Rennie's relief.

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