Saturday, November 25, 2006

Len Goodman

Not that I am a regular viewer, but Strictly Come Dancing does have its good points and top amongst them must be the head judge, Len Goodman. Len's always got a nice word to say and likes nothing more than giving 7 plus to all contestants. He's also very formulaic in that he gives his rating in exactly the same way: a simple barked number. No small talk when it comes to the vote, just a number delivered with military precision.
I then wondered about how much fun it would be to have Len Goodman around for dinner (tea if you're Northern). Soup for starters.

You: "Len, what did you think of the soup?"
Len: "It had everything..the taste; the texture; the seasoning."
You: "Len, your mark out of 10?"
Len: "8"

This is clearly a very entertaining notion and could continue for the whole evening:

You: "Len do you have any children?"
Len: "4"

or how about:

You: "My watch seems to have stopped. Do you have the time please Len?"
Len: "9"

Obviously, the last question works better on the hour. Think on.

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As a massive fan of the show and having forgotten what a Saturday night out is like as I haven't had one since the series started. May I point out the Craig Revel Horwood style of comment of three adjectives. For example if good Craig says "fun, graceful, splendid" or if bad "limp, hopeless, sad". Also, did you hear Len's touching story about his Willy last Saturday.
Having watched both seasons of Strictly come dancing and thorougly enjoying both of the, the coming of the third caused a rush of blood to the head and made me want to start learning to dance properly. I have now been learning since September and i love every moment of it.
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