Thursday, November 30, 2006

London Lite - as shit as ever

The London Lite is a remarkable paper in that it makes the Daily Mail look academic. It is by far the worst of the freebie papers so thanks to an unscheduled tube journey yesterday afternoon, I didn't hesitate to pick up a copy to while away the delays.
Now Gail Porter is a celebrity of whom I never tire. She used to be incredibly fit and she has now lost her hair. And to celebrate her divorce from that bloke out of Toploader who didn't have shit hair, she was out on the town wearing a massive red wig. Ok you're bald, so it must limit how you can look your best on a night out, but dressing up as Krusty the Clown probably isn't the best way forward.
Anyway the purpose of this post (believe it or not there is one) is to show how crap the London Lite is. I mean in the pic of her with the angel wings on, I like the caption in the photo reading "Free at last1" - yep cos it's so hard for a proof reader to see that it should have been an exclamation mark and not a number 1. So there you go, just a shift key away from being crap rather than unprofessional. Onwards and upwards.

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Isn't she actually just doing an impression of that annoying bloke from Toploader?

It's slightly insensitive, isn't it? :-/
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