Thursday, November 23, 2006

Out of Harm(i)'s way

The Ashes! Yeh, baby here it is. First's Harmison and...oh's snaffled at 2nd slip. Queue ecstatic whooping, apart from that there was no edge involved. Yep, Steve Harmison's first ball of the 2006 Ashes was so bad and so wayward that it went to slip. 2nd slip. For those of you who are not followers of the beautiful game, please believe me when I say this is total w*nk.
It is getting beyond the point of saying that Harmison is our number 1 bowler and he will hit form. Potential is one thing, but when you are 28 you should be the finished article. The first day went exactly as I feared it would; Harmison and Hoggard bowl crap with Harmison's radar being all out of kilter and Freddie keeps us in the game. And Ponting plunders away til his heart's content.
Oh well, we're still in it and to evoke emotions from last year; Come on England - We Believe.

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No Monty, no Read, and, I'm sad to say, no chance! :(
Day 2 has gone Pete Tong too. Bring on Chris Schofield...England's Number One. He's England's Number One. La la la la, la la la la
I sat next to Steve Harmison and Paul Collingwood on the plane down to Heathrow from Newcastle (Fri 3/11) when they were flying down to meet rest of team for the ashes.

I hope Steve starts bowling properly soon, or I'll say I was ashamed to be sitting next to him, tut!
Real nightmare...
A complete shambles. None of our bowlers but Fred seemed to know the right length (and in GBH's case) line. They got obsessed with Aussie bounce and carry, which Aussie bats are pretty good at playing - and couldn't even hit the cracks.

Alright, so our batting was shite too, but the bowlers are more culpable in my humble etc.

Monty must play in the next test - and preferably Read too!
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