Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Up the Owls

Last night saw the London Owls continue their awe-inspiring early season form vanquishing Leicester City 8-3. Regulars will be overjoyed to learn that my humble-self, Mr Beef played pretty well last night and managed to only get into one verbal contretemps last night. Of course, I was entirely in the right. So that Wednesday 3 and 0 as our American comrades would say. Could it be our year?

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Hey, congrats. Meant to email you this AM to ask how it went. Was the pub a hole?

I throw arrows in anger for the first time in ages last night, and despite losing more than i won (was mostly playing doubles) was pretty happy with the fact that i could still hit the board. Feeling the oche itch again.
excellent news. I wouldn't say it was a hole, a dive would be more accurate.
I played too last night and was appalling, but only missed the board twice - go girls!!
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