Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And whilst I am at it

To continue from my bile-filled analysis of today's cricket in Adelaide, I would like to humbly submit Jack Bannister for Room 101. What a dreadful presenter. I don't have Sky and annoyingly my radio doesn't get longwave so I rely on TalkSport's very regular updates. Pain me as it does, I do not know how much longer I can tolerate the wholly abject and inaccurate ramblings of Mr. Bannister. It is tempting to say that he is past his best, yet this assessment is also flawed: Old Jack has always been woeful - getting players wrong, attributing scores to different batsmen, confusing the runs with the wickets taken you know those kind of things.

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But, self evidently, you do have a computer, which you could use to listen to BBC coverage.

Or you could retune to 720 MHz on medium wave, often carrying the LW TMS commentary.

Or you could take the advice of this morning's presenter on the Today Programme: "You could watch the highlights on BBC2 at 11.20, but you'd be better off going to bed."

And to think I have bags under my eyes for this! The best advice always comes too late!
Not to mention his close links to South Africa during the days of apartheid...
yes, i know this is an old bug-bear for you max, but i think his overwhelming lack of competence is a more compelling argument. today he was on saying how monty should be dropped for giles. hmmmm...wrong way round methinks.
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