Monday, December 18, 2006

The Cllr will be cross to have missed this one

I am surprised that Watford fan and Darren Day wannabe, Cllr Cross has not blogged this one yet. But all-time Watford hero, Luther Blissett is set to come out of retirement to turn out for Chesham United the team he now manages.
Blisset (48) is a fascinating guy. In a blunder of Bobby Robson proportions*, Blissett was bought for £1 million by A.C Milan who, it is widely thought, signed him after mistaking him for his Watford colleague John Barnes, who subsequently went on to sign for Liverpool, rap for England and manage Celtic (where he signed the wonderfully named Rafael Scheidt). Blissett can also boast two other notable achievements: scoring a hat-trick on his international debut (granted in a 9-0 thumping of Luxembourg and he never scored again in his subsequent 13 appearances for England) and having an international open reputation, multi-use, community named after him.
Blissett, however, still pales into comparison to the legendary Socrates (the footballer...) who improbably turned out for Garforth Town at the ripe old age of 50.

* During his tenure as Toon manager, Bobby Robson infamously splurged £7.5 million on Carl Cort after he told Newcastle United to bid £7.5 million for the black lad who played up front for Wimbledon - the England U-21 international. He was trying to sign Jason Euell.

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i should have included that the time Barnesy signed Rafael Scheidt, he also had Olivier Tebily (currently at Brum) as well.
Rumour had it he was going to switch to 3-5-2 and sign David Weir. Yes it was going to be a back-line of Weir, Tebily, Scheidt
Ha ha ha! Talkling of silly names, didn't QPR have of couple of players called Shittu and Dudu?
Shittu now being at Watford...
It was Doudou and he was exceptional on Championship Manager 2001-2.
Other notable names would be the quite splendid Orlando Trustfull at the Owls; Wolves' John de Wolf and my personal favourite the Benfica goalie, Quim.
There's also Real Madrid buying Gravesen instead of Everton's other bald midfielder Lee Carsley.

(ok, possibly an Everton fan's joke, but since Gravesen is an attacking midfielder and Real bought him to play the defensive role that Carsely filled for the Toffees...)
true, but some could possibly argue that real should have realised that gravesen has always struggled playing in a four man midfield but could play excellently in a five-man midfield, primarily attacking but also capable of defending.
could you imagine lee carsley playing for real? i like that one. bit like mark hateley playing for a.c milan - actually, hold on a minute...
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