Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting your rocks off on a pub quiz machine

Last night I had the pleasure of going to Teddington Studios to watch Harry Hill's Christmas TV Burp being filmed. Suffice to say, it's fantastic and you'd be a schmuck to miss it. A complimentary couple of Becks chucked in was also not to be sniffed at. So after the filming me and Dudley Eyebrows (25) went to a local hostelry for a lager and there was a pub quiz machine at the bar. You know the ones that are actually on the bar as opposed to the self-standing standard ones which offer Millionaire et al.
Well, some chap who was inexplicably wearing a bandana (well I say inexplicably, he may have conceivably been a pirate) sauntered up and started playing a game whereby you matched coloured blocks which then disappeared to reveal the form of a woman. A naked woman, no less. Sort of a computerised version of those boards of the page 3 girls with the peanuts on and you ask for salted peanuts in the hope of a glimpse of nipple. I mean someone else asks...
And this guy is no amateur, these 'women' are soon displaying their charms quicker than a stripper on speed. This was all too much for myself and Eyebrows (25) who were guffawing and hooting away like Finbarr Saunders. Quite astounding that any self-respecting person would play this game in anywhere apart from a darkened room. Ah...I see my error, he was wearing a bandana which would lead me to question whether he was actually self-respecting. Very funny, mind.

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