Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hussein shuffles of to eternal (Sad)damnation

Well one person who won't be on the lash for New Years Eve is Saddam Hussein after he was hung this morning. Yep Galloway's mate has gone to the gallows. Whether right or wrong or whether justified or not, Saddam is no more. What interested me was to see ex-WCW midcarder, Shanghai Pearce acting as Saddam's executioner.

Update: Apparently, Saddam went to the gallows chanting "God is great, god is great" Funny, but I never had him down as a big Joan Osbourne fan.

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It ain't, it ain't fair!

:sob: :-(
not so indefatiguable now, eh?
Comrade Beefy One.

I would like some chat about eastenders. I have come to your blog in the hope of finding some, and I cannot.
ooops, I'm off on holiday soon, but will try and update with some Stenders stuff whilst there.
Feel free to wait until your return.

I just cannot comprehend how you have not had a view on the death of dear Pauline!

Have a lovely holiday
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